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Why Do I Do This?

I don’t save lives like doctors can nor am I capable of discovering a vaccine for the Corona virus, but if I think about what I can’t do, then I will waste the talents I’ve been given. If I think about what I can do and use my skills as a photographer and a filmmaker to create awareness, I can make a positive difference. People don’t realize how important the arts are. film, music, art, dance all have the power to move us and make us feel. Simply put, the arts make us human. And hopefully they give us an understanding of why we are here, on this planet, at this point in time.

Most of the time, I feel that I’m on the path, I am meant to be on. But there are many days when I question why I’m doing what I’m doing. Why am I so committed to this film that I’ve been working on for over 5 years? There were a lot of days like this during the last two months when I’ve been shackled to my computer editing this movie - seven days a week. I’m either crazy or driven or a little bit of both. I’m making this film about women working in male-dominated professions because I was/am one of them. To be honest, things have gotten better since I started my career over thirty years ago, but change has been extremely slow.

I feel more of an urgency at this point in my life to do what I can do and help swing the pendulum toward female equality in the workplace. It’s time. It’s hard to change a cultural perception especially one that has kept women down in terms of gender equality, but it’s not impossible if we believe it can happen. On most days I do believe it will happen, when a woman will be elected as the President of the United States or make other break throughs in careers that have been off limits to them. But, there are days when I just want to quit, usually the days with technical problems. What has pulled me through the rough times have been the people who believed in me and encouraged me along the way. You all know who you are. Thank all of you, for supporting me and believing in my dream, that there will come a time when we won’t even question if a woman can do it.

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