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Please make a tax-deductible donation through our fiscal sponsor, Art Without Limits

Make your check out to Art Without Limits

(In Memo: a donation for Nola Productions, Like A Woman)


Send to:

Gail Mooney 

10 Summit Road - P.O. Box

Brookside, N.J. 07926-0152

or donate online below.

(For a donation of $200.00 or more you will receive a credit in the film)

By Check
Make a tax deductible donation‏ by check to:
(In memo specify - a donation for Nola Productions, Like A Woman)

Art Without Limits

816 Chelham Way

Santa Barbara, CA 93108


Make a tax deductible donation‏.


Get Involved

Call to Action:  We are looking for women who work in male-dominated professions such as computer programmers, firefighters, tradeswomen, CEO’s, architects, engineers, filmmakers, directors, sound designers, editors, and others with a story.

If you know any women who are breaking barriers in a male profession,  please contact me:

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