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Like A Woman


A film about women breaking barriers

in the workforce.

"If you can dream it, you can do it"

Natalie Jones, helicopter pilot

Women And Girls

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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We are looking for women to interview for this film, who are working in male-dominated professions such as; computer programmers,  firefighters, mechanics, CEO’s, architects, engineers, filmmakers, directors, sound designers, editors, and others.

If you know any women who are breaking barriers in predominately male professions, please contact me:​

The goal of the film is to change the consciousness of the U.S. culture about gender bias and to

achieve equality in the workforce.

Natalie Jones, Helicopter Pilot
Natalie is a heavy lift helicopter pilot and firefighter. Her inspiration came when she took her first helicopter flight in Alaska, when she landed on a glacier.
Barbara Van Cleve, Rancher/Photographer
Barbara became a fine art photographer late in life but photography has been her lifetime passion.
Judaline Cassidy, Plumber
Simona DeSilvestro, Race Car Driver
Simona is a Swiss race car driver. Driving has been in her blood since she was a kid, driving go- karts with her father. Simona has competed professionally and was on the Andretti team driving E-Formula race cars.
Christine Theodoropoulos, Architect
Christine is the Dean of Architecture at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA. She has seen a rise in female students entering the field of architecture and is encouraged by the upward trend.
Taylor Laverty, Blimp Pilot
Taylor is one of three female blimp pilots in the world. After she finished flight training school, she paid her dues by working as a bush pilot in Alaska,
before working for Good Year.
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