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Award-Winning Filmmaker Completes Grassroots Screenings under the Stars Tour across America

On August 31, 2020,Filmmaker Gail Mooney completed a crowd-funded, cross-country tour aptly named a Grassroots Screenings under the Stars, bringing her inspirational new film "Like A Woman" to backyards throughout America. Meant to inspire, empower and inform women and girls about possibilities in the workforce, Mooney's five year project tells the story of a few of the incredible women who work in male-dominated professions.

The idea of screening the film in smaller socially-distanced groups across the country

was born during the quarantine in early 2020 as a way to spread the message that women can do anything. "Strong women find ways to overcome obstacles and what better way to illustrate that point than to not let a pandemic stop me from releasing this film" said the film's creator. Many of the film festivals that are traditionally ways that films are released have been cancelled or postponed. "I wanted to get the positive message of this film out when we all needed inspiration, so I took it on the road in a grassroots kind of way" she added. Gail traveled in a self-contained small Camper/van, screening her film on beaches and backyards in a socially distanced way all across the country in 37 days.

"Like A Woman" is meant to inspire and empower women and girls about possibilities in the workforce. The Grassroots Screening Under the Stars tour exceeded all expectations and the film received fantastic reviews from all screenings. "The wonderful reviews were so good to hear, but the best compliments were from the younger women who said how much the film had inspired them to look beyond any of the conventional limits." added Mooney.

The film is now available for screenings for educational venues, non-profits or corporate conferences and events. If you are interested in inspiring women with a screening or having your company's brand associated with this positive message at screenings please contact Gail Mooney, Director at or 201-317-9048.

Website: Like A Woman

Review - Todd Joyce

"What a beautiful, inspirational and empowering film that touches on so many professions and strong stories! This film's positive message to women was incredible. I loved how each woman in the film tells her unique story. All women should see this film, especially during their younger years, when they are defining who they are and their interests. One of the best comments I heard after we watched the film was when a woman asked when this would be available on-line because she wanted her younger daughter to be able to see it. Thank you Gail for being an inspiration to all women. Bringing this kind of a message to young women is so important and I applaud your dedication and hard work in making this incredible film."

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