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Who is Awesome, Fearless and Strong? – I AM

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

I had the pleasure of interviewing and filming Judaline Cassidy, last week. Judaline is a professional plumber and the Founder and Director of Tools & Tiaras Inc. As a woman working in a traditionally male-dominated field, she’s had her challenges and barriers and she faces them with grit, moxie and her warrior spirit.

She wanted to get young girls excited about pursuing a career in the trades and she founded Tools & Tiaras to educate and

Girls from Tools and Tiaras at American Standard.

inspire girls about possibilities that are out there.

We spent the day with Judaline and a group of young girls from her workshop as they toured the design facilities of American Standard.

I hope you are as inspired as I was, watching Judaline and the excitement of these girls in this two-minute tease. Stay tuned, we have a couple of very interesting stories about other women we are working on!

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Thank you,

Gail Mooney – Director/Producer

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