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How Cool Is This?

One thing I love about my “job” is that I get to experience all kinds of events, places and people. That’s why I became a photographer and later on, a filmmaker. And I will always have a lot stories to tell, with all those experiences.

I just had a very “cool” experience. I have met a lot of amazing women while doing this documentary, and I’ve heard and relayed many of their incredible stories, but while working with our latest subject Olivia Sebesky,

a video projection artist, I had one of the most cool experiences I ever had.

Olivia has created video projections for acts like James Taylor, Hootie and the Blowfish at Madison Square Garden and recently Aerosmith, in Las Vegas. I have to admit, even after a great interview with Olivia previously in New York City, I didn’t fully understand the breadth and creativity of her work until I saw it – live with Aerosmith. When we traveled to Las Vegas last week, to shoot footage of Olivia on site for one of her recent projects, the Deuces are Wild residency of Aerosmith at the Park MGM Theater, we got an unexpected treat - VIP tickets for that night’s show and VIP treatment along with it. I have seen a lot of bands in my time, but I wasn’t prepared to see one of the best band performances, I’ve ever seen. To make it even more exciting, I got to see Olivia’s amazing work and it blew me away! Rather than try to describe it, you can see this short video I shot with my phone. It only shows the last two minutes of a twenty-five minute pre-show Olivia created. If you’re in Vegas while Aerosmith is in town, go to the show and make sure you get there to see Olivia’s art!

Stay tuned for news about another new subject for Like A Woman. Her name is Barbara Van Cleve and she is a fine art photographer from Montana.

We’ve been busy traveling and creating new stories for this documentary, but now it’s time to start post-production and editing. I love this part of the filmmaking process, but it’s a lot of work for just one person. Plus I want to work with a professional editor who can bring another perspective and add polish to the film.

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