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A New Reward

I added a new reward today to my Kickstarter Campaign. It’s a “Top Tier” award for a private screening of Like A Woman, for your group, institution or business and includes an inspirational talk with me, Gail Mooney the filmmaker. I not only made this film, I have lived the life of being the only “woman at the table”.

I’ve spent my career in a male-dominated profession as a still photographer and filmmaker. This film is personal and this event will provide inspiration and hope at a time when people need it. * Important to note: I’ve extended the period that one may schedule a screening, to the end of 2021!

I’m hoping that we are beyond the COVID crisis by then.

I woke up with mixed feelings this morning. I felt good that I’m half way there but I only have 11 more days left and with Kickstarter if I don’t make my funding goal - I get nothing! When I think about that, I can easily spin into a panic attack so I try not to go there. Plus I have too many things to do to get ready for my departure on July 25th.

I am committed to this idea and these screenings and I have to be at this point. I wasn’t in a position to wait until my campaign was over before I needed to make a plan and rent a camper van that would not only provide my transportation, but also keep me self-contained while I traveled across America. And with a departure of July 25th I had to buy the projection gear and begin to schedule screenings and plan my route. So, I hope for the best. But I need your help to make this happen. If you are in a position to make a pledge or add to your pledge please do! I will be forever grateful. (Kickstarter will let you upgrade your pledge). Or, if you could personally share my campaign link with your contacts, that would help me reach my goal.

The last film I made was Opening Our Eyes. In 2010 my daughter and I traveled around the globe on a 99-day journey, filming the stories of 9 ordinary people on 6 continents who were creating positive change, one person at a time. It was a life-changing trip for both my daughter and myself. It was an enormous undertaking but incredibly rewarding and the film has gone on to inspire everyone who has seen it. It was also my first Kickstarter campaign, and it was a success. I dedicated that film to my mother who died in 2004. She was the strongest and most encouraging person in my life. I’ve dedicated this film, Like A Woman to my sister Jeanine who died 2 years ago and far too soon. She was my rock and her memory gets me through the tough times. She was quietly strong.

I’m doing this for all the young girls and women who are contemplating what path to take in life as far as their careers. While these grassroots screenings are kept small for health and safety reasons, it’s a beginning and it will create awareness and inspiration across America. Things will slowly get better in time, as far as the virus, but for the time being I’m staying knowledgeable, safe, flexible and committed.

Change has been slow for gender equality in the workforce in America since I began my career some forty years ago, but maybe collectively we can swing the pendulum toward the center.

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