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Why I’m Doing This and The Women in the Film

First I want to thank those who backed my current Kickstarter Campaign “Grassroots Screenings across America”. After 3 days it’s 20% funded! That couldn't have happened without you. My goal is to keep the momentum going and get it 30% funded today which is very possible, so if you haven’t pledged yet, please consider doing so. It will help me get this film and these stories seen. Thank you.

Short introductions to the women in my film Like A Woman about female equality in the workforce. (In order from left to right, top to bottom)

Natalie Jones - Heavy lift helicopter pilot. I found out about Natalie from a colleague who had been Natalie’s roommate in college. I interviewed Natalie when she was stationed in Southern California fighting fires. I am in awe of her skills and capability to pilot this beast of a helicopter. Patrice Banks – Auto mechanic and engineer. I googled “female auto mechanic” one day and only one listing came up, Patrice who was an auto mechanic based in Philadelphia. I found out that she also gave workshops to women to teach them basic car maintenance. We filmed one of her workshops and I saw how empowered the women felt by learning this information. Olivia Sebesky - Video Designer. I’ve known Olivia a long time because she is the sister of my daughter ‘s friend. She is incredibly creative in a variety of mediums and we talked about what she was doing professionally. Olivia designs video projections that are part of the backgrounds behind huge performances and events. We caught up with her in Las Vegas when she was working on an Aerosmith Tour. We also were lucky enough to get VIP treatment to that evening’s show. A memorable performance and evening.

Wendy Crockett- Motorcycle Endurance Competitor - I found out about Wendy from a colleague who is a motorcyclist enthusiast. Wendy had just won the 2019 Iron Butt Rally, riding her bike 11,000 miles in 11 days. She’s the first woman to win the Iron Butt. We caught up with Wendy in South Dakota and had a great interview. In fact Wendy’s sound bite closes the film. We were also extremely fortunate that her husband Mike Loomer shot drone and go pro footage for us. Thanks Mike. Shonda Warner and I – Farmer/Investor. Shonda and I have known each other for a long time. I met her in Mississippi when I was working on a short film about delta blues musicians. Shonda lives in Oregon now on a farm where she grows a variety of things including blueberries and hemp, which is her main crop. She produces CBD oils and salves - and gets it from farm to consumer. She has always been an inspiration and she got me started thinking about this grassroots tour. Dean Deb Larson - Dean of Engineering Cal Poly - We interviewed Deb at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. She is an engineer and educator and she shared wonderful insights based on her own experiences and how she sees the future for her students Jenna Close -Industrial Photographer and Drone Operator - Jenna and I served on the board of the ASMP, our photography trade association. We’ve become good friends and when I interviewed her she shared about working in the photographic profession now as opposed to when I got in it 40 years ago. Dean Christine Theodoropoulos - Dean of Architecture Cal Poly. I spoke to Christine on campus at Cal poly in San Luis Obispo. When Christine became an architect she was one of the few women in the profession at that time. She now shares her knowledge with students at the university now. She said she has seen movement over the years as far as more women being in the profession but agrees it’s been slow. She also talks about how she think culture plays into it. Taylor Laverty - Blimp Pilot Good Year. We found out about Tayler on the TV show Sunday Morning. We traveled out to the Good Year blimp base in southern California to interview Taylor. Taylor talked about learning to fly and getting her pilot’s license. She also suggested to young women to be open to things they might not consider because she never imagined that she’d be a blimp pilot. She encourages young women to pursue theirs dreams. Best part, we got a ride in the Good Year blimp! Barbara Van Cleve - Fine Art Photographer and Rancher. I also found out about Barbara on the TV program Sunday Morning. She became a photographer late in life but it’s always been her passion. She followed the path of teaching but always spent her summers back at the ranch pursuing her photography. We talked about her project about women ranchers and the body of work that came from it. After years of living in Santa she’s back in Montana and still shooting. Simona de Silvestra - Racecar driver. My partner found out about Simona when he was shooting for a client whose company sponsored her. We went to Berlin to interview Simona while she was on tour in Europe for a Formula e race. She said she got into racing as a child when she’d watch races on TV with her dad.

Judaline Cassidy - plumber. I found out about Judaline when I contacted the office of Gloria Steinem. Judaline and Gloria met at the Makers Conference.

Judaline is not only a professional plumber but she is the founder of the girl’s group Tools and

Tiaras. It’s for young girls who are interested in trade professions. We filmed Judaline and the girls taking a tour of the facilities of American Standard in New Jersey NJ. It was inspiring to watch the excitement of the girls that day and made me hopeful for the future.

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