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My Kickstarter campaign Grassroots Screenings across America, launches today. It will fund my project to bring screenings of my new film, Like A Woman to small gatherings (socially distanced) in small towns and rural America.

The film is about women who work in traditionally male-dominated professions. I want to the stories of these amazing women to inspire other women and young girls.

I also think people need to get out, but in a safe way and I want to provide an evening of entertainment and inspiration under the stars. (Read more about how it got started).

I’ll be traveling self-contained in a small camper van with a projector, screen, and small speakers. The funds will be used to rent a camper, and pay for gasoline, food and a small projection set up.

The screenings will take place in late July and throughout August. It’s free to woman and girls. Men and boys pay .25 cents. That’s because men make about .25 cents more on the dollar than woman do, for doing the same job.

If you or someone you know may be interested in hosting an outdoor screening where you live, please contact me directly I will try to get dates and geography to align.

The Campaign runs from June 22 - July 22. It’s a short period of time. You can help me by sharing the campaign and/or making a pledge. Together, we can lifts spirits and bring back smiles (safely under masks) across America for an evening of inspiration and entertainment.

Your support in the next couple days is critical to its success. Backers are more apt to want to be part of a project that creates excitement from the start. If you can help by making a pledge or sharing my campaign, I would be greatly appreciate it.

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