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Staying Safe

Someone asked me how I would stay safe while traveling across America with the recent outbreak of COVID. I've thought about that and my health and nothing is more important to me than to create a safe environment, not just for me but whomever I come in contact with. With that said, here are my own mandates for these grassroots screenings.

* All screenings will be outside

* Gatherings would be 25 people or less.

* I will be planning a route across the country that will attempt to avoid problem areas.

* I will be self-contained in a camper van that will limit my contact to others.

* I will be flexible - look at the pivot I already did with my film.

I want the film to be seen, but in a responsible way. And I want to provide an evening of entertainment and inspiration across America and maybe give people a little hope. Watch the Tease.

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