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Make Women Great Again

I have been thinking about the structure of my documentary, and I felt that I needed an antagonist. All of the women in the film had expressed having their own antagonists, but I needed something/someone who was more universal and a threat, to how I envisioned womens' futures.

I found my film's antagonist, when I saw this post on Facebook, on New Year’s Eve.

It was about an event that was "destined to be the “mansplaining event of the century" and that the 22 Convention was coming to "make women great again."

“Topics the men will discuss include the ills of feminism, the war on motherhood, beauty and obesity, love and dating, getting pregnant and having "unlimited babies," getting in shape, beating the competition to "become the ultimate wife," and boosting femininity.”

Upon doing some investigating, it appears to be that this is a real event, taking place at an undisclosed location in Orlando, FL in early May.

I reached out to obtain a press pass for this event, but I have not heard back yet.

I also wanted to inject a little humor into the film, even though it's pretty hard to do with this topic. But I found one woman's response to this event passionate, authenticate and funny. It also gave me hope.

The documentary "gods" have been good to me this year. Let's hope it continues.

Happy New Year and stay tuned. I'm busy working behind the scenes on post-production.

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