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I must have been mad…

…when I came up with the idea to take my film Like A Woman on the road. Now the news full of death and dismal uncertainty and I question my plan to bring this movie, and I hope a little inspiration to small gatherings across America. I woke up this morning with those twinges of self-doubt that we all seem to get at certain times in our lives.

Why wouldn’t I question myself with everything that’s going on right now? And I ask myself why am I doing this? I thought about my sister Jeanine who died two years ago. I can’t say that we were extremely close, even though we were just a year and a half apart in age. However, we had a strong bond.

Maybe because she was older than me, she was more mature and reserved, while I was more adventurous and dove into things fearlessly. She was the quiet one and I was the one always telling a story. The thing is, she was also the strong one and when self-doubts come into my mind. I think about her and her endless belief and encouragement and her memory revives my spirit when I need it the most.

My mom was another strong independent woman. In fact my small production company Nola Productions is named after her. Many think it’s an abbreviation for New Orleans, but Nola Marie (Clement) Mooney was my mother.

She died suddenly and unexpectedly in 2004. It was then that I learned who my mother really was but you’ll need to wait to hear her story, which may be the foundation of my next and final film.

I’ve always referred to myself as a photographer when asked what I do for a living. I also make films about stories that I feel need to be told. That’s why I made Like A Woman. The stories of the women in this film need to be told to move the pendulum toward gender equality in the American workplace. I realize it seems totally illogical to pursue this crazy quest of bringing this film across America at this time, but in an odd way I feel that it is exactly the right time.

I want to emphasize that I plan to do this trip in a safe and well thought out manner. I’ll be traveling in a self-contained camper van and my contact with people will be minimal – meaning in a safe manner and avoiding crowds and large groups of people. As far as the screenings, I’ve made a list of guidelines:

· Screenings will be outside and socially distanced

· Gatherings will be 25 people or less depending on the space.

· I will wear a mask and strongly suggest others do.

· If more people than 25 people are interested, than I can do 2 screenings a night.

· If it rains, I am leaving the following day open for a rain date, if at all possible.

· Event if free to women and girls. Boys and men pay .25 cents. (That’s because women make about 25% less on the dollar than men do for doing the same job).

My goal is to bring a little inspiration and hope with the stories of the amazing women in my film. So, am I mad? I don’t think so. I guess we’ll see how the story ends.

“If you want a happy ending it depends on where you stop the story” Orson Welles

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