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For Women and Men that Love Women

For Women and Men that Love Women

Here I go again. Eight years after completing my last film, Opening Our Eyes, I’m at it again – I’m making another feature-length documentary (working title) Breaking Barriers-Like a Woman. It’s about women who are working in predominately male-professions – kind of like me. The documentary tells the stories of women from various backgrounds and different ages, about working in these careers. Some of our subjects: blimp pilot for Goodyear, racecar driver, engineer, auto mechanic, heavy-lift helicopter operator, and a motorcycle endurance competitor.

They talk about their challenges, their successes and their underlying motivation behind why they chose the professions they did. I want to expose other young women to career possibilities they might not think of.

One reason it took me 8 years to make another movie is - it’s a LOT of work, especially for someone like me. As a still photographer most of my adult life, I’ve pretty much been a solo act. As much as I can take on a lot by myself – I can’t make a feature-length film by myself or it wouldn’t be a film I would want to see. I can edit but I’m in awe of what a professional editor can bring to the project – the same with a sound engineer, music supervisor or a key artist. I love the collaborative process. Each person brings their unique skill set to the team and the project and the creative value is exponential. The downside is, that one needs to either know a lot of generous friends with different skill sets or a lot of money - and any fool knows that you don’t get rich shooting documentaries.

So, I will come straight to the point and ask for your support in getting this film made. Soliciting funds is my least favorite part of this business. You’d never know I’m the daughter of a salesman. I got his smile but not his love for selling. But I believe in this film and the positive power it can have for women just starting to think about their careers. The time is right for a film like this.

Your contributions are tax-deductible through our 501 © (3) fiscal sponsor Art Without Limits. If you make a donation by check of $200 or more, you’ll receive a credit in the film! Checks should be made out to Art Without Limits (write in memo: for Nola Productions - Like A Woman) and sent to 816 Chelham Way, Santa Barbara, CA 93108. If you are interested in sponsorship levels please inquire: You can also DONATE online.

Watch the teaser for the film. I’m working on a few more stories until the end of the year and then the edit begins. Please sign up for updates along the way. And thank you for your support.

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